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About Us and Our Offer

“Do you have an original idea? That’s all we need to create a great piece of work!”
Looking back in history
My name is David Borovicka and I’m the founder and operator of Studio Borovicka (borovicka.eu) and 2Dto3D Studio (2dto3dstudio.com). I studied at the industrial high school (SPUŠ, 1998 - 2002) in Hodonín, focusing on building construction and worked for two years in this field as a planner. I was always drawn to work with maximum amounts of creativity, so I also tried my luck as a 2D graphics designer (creation of advertising and marketing flyers, catalogs, ads and other 2D materials including all types of product packaging). In 2006 I began studying in the field of 3D graphics, then CAD/CAM systems. In the same year, we bought our first CNC machine. The connection between creative work and modern CNC systems gave birth to the whole you can see in our offer.


Main part of our offer
The main component of our service is drawing works and digital modeling. These are generally digital treatments of various motifs that serve as a template, preparation or basis for physical production. As an example, we create illustrations, sketches and portraits, as well as relief and fully 3D digital models suitable for CNC processing, 3D Printing or similarly focused physical production. Just like illustrations or other drawn designs, we make digital models by hand, a significant portion of the creativity lies in the artistic talent of the graphic designer. We use Wacom LCD tablets (working on the basis of electronic drawing) in combination with 3D modeling software and can say that this is by no means an automated creation handled by the computer. Everything originates from the hands of the artist and whether these are drawings or digital models, everything is drawn/modeled by hand in the digital environment. We are inspired by the masters of world art and reflect this tradition, as well as the artistic spirit of the digital works, even while using the latest technologies.
We create CNC models both for our own projects and as support for our clients working in the CNC production environment. The main advantage is that you won’t be paying any excessive costs for rental or use of 3D scanners. Digital models can be obtained more economically and you don’t need a physical template, because we work from images, photos or sketches. There’s nothing simpler than to send us your preferred 2D materials. We use these to create digital-relief or fully-3D models specifically designed for CNC processing. There are no limits for these digital models, all that’s needed is a simple pre-processing configuration, creation of G-code and the mass-production can begin – in your production facilities! If you don’t have your own CNC technology, we will be happy to help with the production of the physical products. We own a CNC Router and a several 3D Printers that we also use for our commercial projects.
Examples of graphic design and digital data we offer:
- 2D drawings, sketches, illustrations, portraits and other designs
- Relief and 3D graphics (digital models) suitable for CNC processing, 3D Printing and similar production processes
- Unique data conversions (transfers of digital formats)
- Tutorials (instructions) for an order
Examples of regularly provided physical production:
- Relief and bas-relief products, plaques, signs, carvings, wood carvings
- Large and small sculptures and figures
- Portraits in the form of reliefs and busts
- Ornamental and other accents for furniture-production companies
- 3D advertising signs, coats-of-arms and emblems
- Backings for hunting and other trophies
- Rifle stocks of all types, including ornamental motifs
- Engraving production
- Production of any physical segments, with maximum digital precision
- Moulds of all types, etc
Finally, I would like you draw your attention to our affiliate website, Studio Borovička (borovicka.eu). In principle, this is our Czech brand with a similar offer of services that may be found on this website. The difference is that the Studio Borovička website is only available in Czech language and is thematically oriented toward the Central European culture, customs, etc. The product selection can therefore be slightly different, given the topics. Should you be interested in a product only published on our Czech website, feel free to contact us. Our products are not regionally limited and we will be happy to help you.

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Custom digital models and physical CNC production,
for more information please contact:
David Borovicka
E-Mail: info (at) 2dto3dstudio.com
Skype: davidborovicka

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