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Conditions / General Conditions

Basic Provisions, Principles of User Registration
From the technical point of view, services of the 2Dto3D Studio are only available after membership registration that enables access to all options and services we offer. Without the membership registration, the user only has access to informational segment of the web site, additional options like ordering products and services, etc., are only available upon user registration and subsequent log in. During the member registration, we put emphasis on agreeing with our ‚Business Conditions,‘ as stated on this website. It is not possible to proceed without ticking off the agreement. This is why (taken chronologically) this mention of general consent is in the first place of importance. All points we mention in the ‚Business Conditions‘ section are very important and protect both us, as the provider of services and products, and you, as the party interested in our services. The mutual agreement on rules is therefore the first step of a wider collaboration. 2Dto3D Studio reserves the right to change any of the stipulated conditions if necessary and the user hereby agrees to abide by such changes. Should there be an amendment to the conditions, we inform registered users via e-mail. Should you disagree with any business conditions, do not wish to provide your personal data during your registration, etc., please do not register or no longer use our services and do not download and use our products. On the other hand, if you agree with the conditions, your registration will be completed and the access to our services provided without further limitations.
The Responsibility of Our Studio for Production Risks Related to the Provided Products
2Dto3D Studio carries no responsibility for damage that may occur to users or third parties, directly or indirectly, in relation to the usage the services of our studio or in any other way in relation to it. For example, we would like to state the improper usage of CNC models supplied by us, where after the user incorrectly configured the G-code (which is something we are not directly responsible for, nor are our products responsible for it) it was possible for the processing tool to enter the space outside the processed material, further damage to the machine itself as well as the particular processing tool, injury to the operator caused by a piece of material flying off, etc. There are many risks related to operating and configuring CNC machines. It is always necessary to observe safety measures following the documentation provided by the supplier of the CNC technology, supplier of the CAD/CAM software, etc. The safety and the appropriate use of this technology is directly related to these elements. The digital models delivered by us are to a maximum degree adjusted for and prepared for the production using CNC technology and are tested under production conditions. Undesirable consequences can only arise through incorrect configuration or settings on part of the operator/user. It must be stressed that 2Dto3D Studio carries no responsibility for any risks related to the above mentioned example or similar scenarios, which may occur anytime and anywhere. Users using our products and services based on their own decision and at their own risk. Should you disagree with this provision, again, please don’t use the products we use within our services.
Guarantee of the Presented Quality of Digital Models Supplied by Us
In reference to the above, 2Dto3D Studio carries no responsibility (in the technical sense) for imperfect or improper production procedures on part of the customer and this also in case of usage of digital models supplied by us. The rule is always that the user shall achieve exactly the production results that are directly proportionate to the possibilities of our digital models, under the condition that the user has quality CNC technology and quality CAM system available and selects the correct production processes. Should the production results be worse in the qualitative standard than our visual presentation at the 2Dto3D Studio website, it is always necessary to start with optimization or adjustment of the user’s production process, not the adjustment of the digital model as such. To optimize the production process, use the help of CNC technology manual or software available. Should the results be unsatisfactory even after studying these materials, please contact the suppliers of the above technologies and hardware. Our studio is obliged to provide exactly the kind of production result as shown at our website within the visual offer of digital models. We also support this presentation with added photos of physical products with the offered models. These physical products are created under production conditions, showing that the given models entirely fulfill the qualitative criteria, were tested and are fully adjusted for use with CNC technologies.
Properties of Our Digital Models
It is necessary for the customer to get acquainted with the properties of the data they receive, prior to ordering digital models from us. This awareness protects us as a supplier form an unjustified complaints from the customers, who could otherwise state as a reason data properties about which they weren’t informed and which could theoretically cause a incompatibility of our models with their CAD/CAM and CNC systems they use. The software we use for our creation works on the basic of polygons. By default, we deliver polygon data in the STL format and, upon request, can also export into other, less common, formats. Among the best known CAD/CAM software, the compatibility of which we can guarantee with our models, are: Delcam Artcam (all versions), Vectric Aspire, Vectric Cut3D, Type3 and many other types. On the other hand, our data is not created as solids and we are not able to guarantee compatibility with a purely mechanical-engineering software, working on the basis of solids.
Important: Prior to ordering, find out whether the data delivered by us is compatible with the software you use. All you need to do is register at our website and download models offered entirely free of charge, then try importing them and using them directly under your conditions. Our studio does not return the purchase payment should the customer subsequently find out that the data delivered by us is incompatible with their software or hardware.
Responsibility for Inaccessibility of Our Services
2Dto3D Studio carries no responsibility for damages incurred by users or third parties in case our services are unavailable, or in direct or indirect relation to this fact. For example, a situation whereby the user accepts an order, relying on a digital service made by us. 2Dto3D Studio reserves the right to reject collaboration on an order project in case the resolution of the project is complicated for us from a technical or scheduling point of view, or impossible (for example in case we are at full capacity working on other projects, etc.).

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Custom digital models and physical CNC production,
for more information please contact:
David Borovicka
E-Mail: info (at) 2dto3dstudio.com
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Intellectual Prop. Rights

All digital data presented on this website (including text content, photos, etc.) are intellectual properties in the sense of Authorship Law. The carrier of the rights to the above content is 2Dto3D Studio and possibly other entities stipulated as the official sales partners of our studio, from whom we obtained consent to publish the data (photo banks, clients, etc.) Publishing or further distribution of this content is prohibited without written consent from the authors.