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Conditions / Overview

Basic Information Regarding the General Conditions of Our Studio
All points mentioned in this section are very important and protect us as the service and product provider, as well as you, the party interested in our services. We recommend reading the entire Conditions to avoid possible problems. Learn about the licensing system we use and find information regarding ordering digital models and custom work. Also information regarding the protection of personal data is included in respect to the membership registration at this website, etc. Please continue by clicking on the desired category of this section, to learn more.
NOTE: Should you have a proposal for a technical adjustment of our conditions in the sense of simplification of our approach to you or should you find a mention in our condition that would represent a problem in mutual collaboration, we are open to adjustment, as long as this does not breach our own interests. The given proposal will first be evaluated and subsequently either put into practice or refused as unacceptable. In such cases, please contact us.
These General Conditions, as well as other conditions on this website, come to effect as of the date of their publishing.
In Kyjov on May 24, 2019
David Borovicka

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Custom digital models and physical CNC production,
for more information please contact:
David Borovicka
E-Mail: info (at) 2dto3dstudio.com
Skype: davidborovicka

Intellectual Prop. Rights

All digital data presented on this website (including text content, photos, etc.) are intellectual properties in the sense of Authorship Law. The carrier of the rights to the above content is 2Dto3D Studio and possibly other entities stipulated as the official sales partners of our studio, from whom we obtained consent to publish the data (photo banks, clients, etc.) Publishing or further distribution of this content is prohibited without written consent from the authors.