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While anyone who completes our registration form becomes a Silver Member free of charge, access to our Golden Membership is provided only to our paying customers. We like to do the maximum for you and intend to continually provide selected digital models but our sincere effort to provide the Club members with freely available materials costs us a lot of time, thats why we decided to create a second type of membership, the Golden Membership, focusing only on our legitimate customers. This type of membership provides you with continual access to the three Silver Membership models, but also to all Golden Membership models and other useful materials from the field of digital modeling that we intend to continue publishing. Let us stress that, unlike with Silver Membership, we will continue to provide new materials in the Golden Membership in future!
Conditions for Becoming a Golden Member:
Free registration at our website, plus a minimum order of at least one custom-made digital model. Note: If you already meet this condition and don’t yet have access to the Golden Membership section, please contact us and we will  activate your Golden access immediately.
The Current Content of the Golden Membership section – What We Provide by Free Download:
Helen of Troy - created in the basis of Greek mythology, relief model
(this version is optimized for CNC machining, not for 3D printing)
Baroque Scroll - relief model
(this version is optimized for CNC machining, not for 3D printing)
Heart, Cross and Anchor - relief model
(this version is optimized for CNC machining, not for 3D printing)
More in preparation...
Which License Golden Membership Models Hold:
With access to the Golden section, our customer becomes a legitimate member of both the basic Silver Club as well as the Golden Club. The data you can download as a member of the Golden Club in the Golden section carries a non-exclusive commercial license. By non-exclusive, we mean that the license is not held exclusively by a single entity and that the products under this license may be used by multiple entities at the same time. The term commercial identifies products that may be used for commercial purposes, meaning that you can sell, without limitation, any physical products made in your production facilities from the digital data supplied by us under this license. The same does not apply to the actual digital data, CNC models (including other digital materials such as tutorials, etc.) acquired under this license. It is forbidden to further distribute or sell digital data acquired under this license in any way, without the written consent of the author.


Do you know about our Czech branch? The products and services of both entities differ in certain points, so visit our affiliate website, borovicka.eu and see our available range there!



Custom digital models and physical CNC production, for more information please contact:

David Borovicka
E-Mail: info (at) 2dto3dstudio.com
Skype: davidborovicka


All digital data presented on this website (including text content, photos, etc.) are intellectual properties in the sense of Authorship Law. The carrier of the rights to the above content is 2Dto3D Studio and possibly other entities stipulated as the official sales partners of our studio, from whom we obtained consent to publish the data (photo banks, clients, etc.) Publishing or further distribution of this content is prohibited without written consent from the authors.

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