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Software offers easy and fast conversion from any 3D model into great-looking bas-relief file.
Developed by 2Dto3D Studio and intended for organic and hard-surface 3D conversion.
Software can import any polygonal OBJ or STL file. As for the export, user can choose between the high resolution polygonal STL file or high resolution grayscale 2D image in TIFF format.
Output bas-relief files are perfectly cropped around the perimeter, contain closed back side and the model itself is waterproof with the standard triangulated polygonal mesh.
New feature that removes the sharp edges of the bas-relief and calculate a new surface instead.
Software keeps perfect proportions. This means that human face bas-relief converted from the front side has the nose as the highest part, eyes are positioned lower under the nose, etc. This is not embossing tool, this is the real bas-relief generator.
User can rotate the base 3D model and find the best shot for current bas-relief project. This means that any angle view can be used to create the bas-relief.
User can import more files into one project and create the bas-relief scene.
Window that shows the actual ongoing conversion process.
I actually work on a new features that will be implemented in new version.


This is the first standalone bas-relief generator ever created. Software provides a powerful but intuitive solution for converting full 3D models into nice looking bas-reliefs that are perfectly suitable for 3-axis CNC machining. As you certainly know, every common 3D software can scale down 3D model into a low flat shape. But the standard scaling process can´t preserve the details that are very important for a physical production using the 3-axis CNC machine. Shaperover is different, it offers 3 powerful algorithms that allows the user generate really low model and at the same time keeps all the details clearly preserved, visible and usable for CNC processing. So It´s super easy now to convert any 3D model into bas-relief and start the CNC production, no more time-consuming modeling steps need, this is the fully automatic tool, fast and powerful.
I´ve always needed some effective and fast tool to convert 3D models into bas-reliefs so I´ve developed a brand new algorithms that can do what I want, easy by a few mouse clicks. I can say that hard work brings success and after a many months of developing process in my spare time the generator is finished and the latest version perfectly fits my needs. Currently I found the generator to be very helpful in relation to my personal projects and this was my primary goal, this is why I developed this tool. I never intend to share this software with others or use it for a commercial purpose, but I was very pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback of some CNC users on social media sites during the development process. People were interested in my work and this was the moment I decided to release the public testing trial version and ask the users for their feedback. They helped me a lot to improve the technology and I'm really grateful for that, thanks to all who participated in the testing period!
I am sorry to say that I also faced problems and difficulties during the development process. The sad thing is that one of the public testers probably modified the alpha version and removed the time-limit (trial) protection of the software. Then, this kind of “unlocked“ version was available on internet for a free download. I was really sad and confused, I spent a lot of time working on this project and then I found the unfinished results of my work modified and available for a free download for anyone. This kind of negative experience changed my mind. I had a lot of time to think what to do as a next step once I finish the generator and I´ve decided not to share the latest version until I find the way to effective protect my work. Until then, I´ve decided to publish “the online conversion service“ instead of the software release, so anyone can use the order form on my website, upload their model to my server and let Shaperover provide the conversion remotely. The service is available here.


Is Shaperover software available for sale?
No, there is the "3D to Bas-Relief Conversion Service" instead.
What kind of file conversion do we offer?
We can convert any of your 3D models into nice looking bas-relief files. These kind of files are suitable mainly for 3-axis CNC machining or 3D printing.
Is this the emboss technique conversion?
No. Bas-Relief has less depth than actually have the original model, when measured proportionately (to scale), but it still keeps the real proportions and natural shapes of the original model (unlike an embossing technique that deepens the edges only and the surface is almost flat).
How much does the conversion cost?
Depends on the complexity of the original model. Please use our non-binding "request a quote" form and send us print-screen of your project first, we will inform you about conversion price and estimate delivery date.
What kind of 3D model can we convert?
Polygonal STL or OBJ files are OK. Each file should contain only one object inside. If you need to create "relief scene", please send us each object in separate file.
How does the generated bas-relief look like?
Bas-Relief has triangulated polygonal mesh. The model is cropped around the perimeter and contain closed back side.

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