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Custom Models

Custom Models / Overview

What we offer:
We create digital CNC models for art/decorative objects of any kind. To create, we need nothing more than a short description or any available 2D visual materials.
How the creation process works:
All we need as a guide is a basic verbal or written description of the project, possibly a sketch, image, photo or other 2D materials. We require nothing more from our customers, that’s all that’s needed to collaborate with us. When processing the initial idea from a client who cannot provide visual documentation, we first create a project sketch. This sketch is made by the experienced hand of a designer and presented to the customer for approval and possible corrections, which are immediately made upon request. As soon as the design is approved, the digital creation of the actual spatial CNC model takes place. If the customer has 2D materials we can use, there is no need for sketching and we can immediately begin creation of the model. As soon as the model is completed, we send a preview to the customer for approval. If necessary, we immediately make corrections. After final approval by the client, the data is made available for download.
How to order production of a CNC model? Use our simple request form!
Our practice has proven what is necessary to provide for a custom project and what we, as suppliers, necessarily need for our work. These points are outlined in our request form and we ask each potential customer interested in custom production to fill it out. The important points contained in this form will help us prepare an ideal product, precisely matching your requirements. Your request is non-binding, meaning that you will receive information about the product, delivery date, production price, etc. It’s up to you whether you proceed with your project once you have this information. The data you send us, together with your request, is never shared, we oblige ourselves to this. All data you send us is considered strictly confidential and we treat it accordingly. Click here for the Request Form.
What are the benefits of this type of production?
Do you have only your original idea to create a project? Or perhaps you have only a photo or a sketch and need a precise digital treatment of the given subject? Those are precisely the kinds of materials we are able to progressively process. Our abilities and equipment enable digital creation which is undemanding in terms of initial materials. You no longer need to spend excessive amounts for 3D scanning. When you collaborate with us, you won’t even need a physical template.
What are the prices for this type of service? Is there a price list?
This is a matter we treat very individually. Each project is different and each customer is interested in a different type or style of product. We must particularly evaluate the production requirements, time and technical difficulty and then establish the final price in regard to these parameters. We use the request form to collect all data we need. This is a non-binding request and we will immediately respond with a more specific offer.
Types of digital models we offer:
- Relief and bas-relief digital models
- Fully 3D digital models
Types of digital output we offer. Compatibility with CAD/CAM systems:
The software we use for our process works on the basis of polygons. Naturally, we deliver polygon data in the STL, OBJ and 3DS formats. Upon request, we are also able to export to other, less common, formats. Among the best known CAD/CAM software with which we guarantee compatibility are: Delcam Artcam (all versions), Vectric Aspire, Vectric Cut3D, Type3, and many other programs. On the other hand, the data delivered by us are not created on the basis of solids and we are not able to guarantee compatibility with purely machining software based on solids.
Licenses under which we create CNC models:
The customer has a choice of two types of license: exclusive and non-exclusive. Briefly, exclusivity provides the customer with a digital product that will never be offered again or sold by our studio. The non-exclusive license enables us, as the supplier, to ensure the rights for copying the given work and offer and sell it further in its approved form to other interested customers. Work created under this license no longer belongs only to the requesting customer, but also to other potential customers. The advantage for the customer is the fact that a non-exclusive license is less costly. Click here to view our license system overview.
How the CNC model is delivered:
The completed model is stored in a digital storage until the customer downloads it.
What are our references?
We deliver digital data to a wide range of international and local companies. Click here to see our product portfolio.
Important Additional Information
For more information regarding collaboration, license systems based on which we work, delivery conditions and other details, please see the General Conditions section.

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Custom digital models and physical CNC production,
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