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Free Models / Silver Membership

Every registered user of our website automatically becomes a member of the Silver Membership of our CNC Club. The registration is free of charge. Your access to the Silver section for downloading will be activated upon completing the registration form. This section contains a stable, unchanging content, including two digital relief models created specifically for CNC processing. The data is available in STL format; in case you are interested in a different data format, feel free to contact us. No further models or materials will be published for this type of membership and the current selection is finite. If you are interested in further, new and continually published CNC models for free, please read more about the Gold Membership.
Conditions for Becoming a Silver Member:
The user registration is available free of charge at our website. 2Dto3D Studio 100% protects your personal data (see more in the ‘Privacy Policy’ section) and here we should stress that, for us, a proper member registration is also a sign of trust. If the user trusts us this way, there is no reason for us not to trust them by providing digital models and other materials entirely for free, as well as many other benefits we provide to our customers or registered website users.
The Current Content of the Silver Membership section – What We Provide for a Free Download:
- Heart, Cross and Anchor, relief model
  (this version is optimized for CNC machining, not for 3D printing)
- Baroque Scroll, relief model
  (this version is optimized for CNC machining, not for 3D printing)
The Type of License These Models Hold:
The data freely available to our Silver Members are covered by our non-exclusive non-commercial license. By non-exclusive, we mean that the license is not held exclusively by a single entity and that the products under this license may be used by multiple entities at the same time. By non-commerical, we mean that the products may not be used for commercial purposes, that is, for purposes ensuring a financial remuneration or another type of reward to the benefit of, in this case, an illegitimate seller. Briefly, the data you can download as a Silver Member under this type of license may only be used for hobby purposes. The physical products thus created may not be used for commercial purposes. It is forbidden to further distribute or sell the digital data acquired under this license in any way, without the written consent of the author. In case you are presenting pictures of our models or products made from our Silver Membership models via websites, forums, social networks, print, etc. it is always necessary to quote the source from which the data was obtainded, "2Dto3D Studio," plus website "2dto3dstudio.com".





Contact Us

Custom digital models and physical CNC production, for more information please contact:

David Borovicka
E-Mail: info (at) 2dto3dstudio.com
Skype: davidborovicka

Intellectual Prop. Rights

All digital data presented on this website (including text content, photos, etc.) are intellectual properties in the sense of Authorship Law. The carrier of the rights to the above content is 2Dto3D Studio and possibly other entities stipulated as the official sales partners of our studio, from whom we obtained consent to publish the data (photo banks, clients, etc.) Publishing or further distribution of this content is prohibited without written consent from the authors.

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