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I´ve already started working on a new version. I´m planning to add hard-surface conversion algorithm and some advanced scalling tools.
Testing period has ended, I need some time to process the feedback from the testers.
Ver.0.35 sended to a few customers for testing.
Ver.0.35 Alpha is ready.
Three unique algorithms intended for the organic conversions implemented.
2D interface of the software done.
The first part of a source code complete.

ShapeRover 2020 / Relief Generator Software

This is the first standalone bas-relief generator ever created. Software provides a powerful but intuitive solution for converting full 3D models into nice looking bas-reliefs that are perfectly suitable for 3-axis CNC machining. As you certainly know, every common 3D software can scale down 3D model into a low flat shape. But the standard scaling process can´t preserve the details that are very important for a physical production using the 3-axis CNC machine. Shaperover is different, it offers 3 powerful algorithms that allows the user to generate really low model and at the same time keeps all the details clearly preserved, visible and usable for the CNC processing. So It´s super easy now to convert your favourite 3D model into bas-relief and start the CNC production, no more time-consuming modeling steps need, this is the fully automatic tool, fast and powerful!
I have always needed some effective and fast tool to convert 3D models into bas-reliefs so I´ve developed a brand new algorithms that can do what I want, easy by a few mouse clicks. I can say that hard work brings success and after a many months of developing process in my spare time the generator is almost finished. Currently I found the latest version to be very helpful in relation to my personal projects. I never intend to use this software for a commercial purpose, but I was pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback of some CNC users on social media sites. So for now I am trying to decide what to do as a next step, whether to offer the software for the public use or to keep it private only for my own needs. One way or another, I am sure I will decide soon! And this would be the reason to ask YOU for your short feedback, if you are interested in the software and why. You can send me a short message here, thank you!
Alpha testing version is out and I am so happy! A lot of things is complete including mentioned bas-relief algorithms, software interface and other graphics, but I need to work more on the stability and compatibility. This must be definitively improved because the current version sometimes crash down or freeze while the generator works or exporting the files. I have sended the actual version to a few of my WIP customers to do some testing and I am trying to improve the software regarding their great feedback. Thanks to all who helped me! Your feedback is highly appreciated and allows me to improve the generator as best as I can.
Software can currently import any polygonal OBJ or STL file. As for the export, user can choose between the high resolution polygonal STL file or high resolution grayscale 2D image in TIFF format. Output bas-relief files are perfectly cropped around the perimeter, contain closed back side and the model itself is waterproof with the standard triangulated polygonal mesh. This kind of 3D file can be used for the CNC machining as well as or the 3D printing production. Surface of the bas-relief is clean, very similar to the original 3D file before the conversion and contain real proportions. This for example means that human face bas-relief has the nose as the highest part, eyes are positioned lower under the nose, etc. The cool thing is that you can choose the projection camera, this means that you can rotate the original 3D model and find the best shot for your current project. Then just simply click the "start" button and after a few moments later your bas-relief is ready to be CNC processed.
I work on the software mostly by my own, so I am sorry to say that it is a slow process. But I started in the middle of 2019 with the first source code of a program and good looking alpha version is finaly here so I hope that things will get better and better now and first stable version will be released soon.


Stay tuned for more updates! 



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