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3D to Bas-Relief Conversion Service - REQUEST A QUOTE

We offer the conversion from any 3D model into nice looking bas-relief file.

Your request is non-binding, meaning that you will receive information about the conversion price, delivery date, etc. It’s up to you whether you proceed with your project once you have this information. The data you send us, together with your request, is never shared, we oblige ourselves to this. All data you send us is considered strictly confidential and we treat it accordingly.

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    Is Shaperover software available for sale?
    No, there is the "3D to Bas-Relief Conversion Service" instead.
    What kind of file conversion do we offer?
    We can convert any of your 3D models into nice looking bas-relief files. These kind of files are suitable mainly for 3-axis CNC machining or 3D printing.
    Is this the emboss technique conversion?
    No. Bas-Relief has less depth than actually have the original model, when measured proportionately (to scale), but it still keeps the real proportions and natural shapes of the original model (unlike an embossing technique that deepens the edges only and the surface is almost flat).
    How much does the conversion cost?
    Depends on the complexity of the original model. Please use our non-binding "request a quote" form and send us print-screen of your project first, we will inform you about conversion price and estimate delivery date.
    What kind of 3D model can we convert?
    Polygonal STL or OBJ files are OK. Each file should contain only one object inside. If you need to create "relief scene", please send us each object in separate file.
    How does the generated bas-relief look like?
    Bas-Relief has triangulated polygonal mesh. The model is cropped around the perimeter and contain closed back side.

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    Custom digital models and physical CNC production,
    for more information please contact:
    David Borovicka
    E-Mail: info (at) 2dto3dstudio.com
    Skype: davidborovicka

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